Top Tier Legal Personnel

Employers know that top employees are hard to find. Money and time spent running ads, as well as sifting through resumes and interviewing non-screened candidates can be a full-time job. To many employers, time is the most expensive element in the hiring process, because once it is gone you can never get it back.

At Legal Professionals, we are ready and able to assist your organization. We specialize in placing top-tier legal personnel. All candidates are screened, interviewed, and thoroughly evaluated prior to placement. The skills of these candidates are directly correlated to the positions we have available. Our clients who utilize our services, find it actually saves them time and frees them up to manage their departments and grow their businesses. At Legal Professionals, we offer the following staffing options:

  • Temporary Placement
  • Temp-To-Hire Placement
  • Direct Hire Placement
  • Payroll Services

Temporary Employment

We allow you to hire the focused help you need when you need it while avoiding the ongoing costs of adding permanent employees. We can provide top-tier legal help for one day absences, special projects, vacation coverage, medical or maternity leave, or fill-in while conducting a permanent search.

By providing our clients with qualified candidates, we reduce downtime and eliminate the costs of locating, interviewing, and training employees. If you are interested in only hiring a part-time employee, the temporary option allows you to continue to get the work done in your department.

Legal Professionals oversees and manages all payroll, payroll taxes and unemployment insurance. In addition, we provide a 4 hour guarantee on all our temporary employees. If within the first four hours of a staffing assignment you are not satisfied with a candidate than there is no charge and we will find a suitable replacement

Temp-to-Hire Placement

Many companies like to hire on a temp-to-hire basis. This ensures a right fit between a new employee and your firm. The prospective employee works through our company for a provisional period of time. If you are pleased with this individual’s employment, than we would work together to transition them onto your full-time staff. This allows a firm the flexibility in making sure an individual fits in their new office environment.

Permanent Placement

No matter the area of expertise, Legal Professionals has an extensive network of candidates that are seeking exceptional permanent opportunities.Whether you are seeking a qualified legal secretary, paralegal, or seasoned attorney, we will find the right individual in a timely manner. You will only be presented with pre-screened and qualified candidates based on your job description.

Payroll Services

Legal Professionals Payroll Services is for employers who have an individual for hire but for whatever reason would like to payroll this candidate through our services. Most of the time, this option is used due to year end budget restrictions, hiring freezes, or company reorganization. At Legal Professionals, we provide weekly paychecks along with proper tax withholdings, unemployment insurance, and worker’s compensation. Please contact us for more details.