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Service of Process

Your documents are entered and forwarded to our network of approved process servers. Taking advantage of current technology, our process servers use our mobile application with GPS, photos, & routing software. All Legal Professionals’ service attempts are captured real-time and viewable in your secure customer account portal. We image every legal document and post those to the site for download and review. So, all your affidavits, complaints and invoices are available as PDFs that you access at your convenience or we send to you as a business rule that you define.

Interstate Process Service

At Legal Professionals’, nationwide process service is as easy as serving nearby. We advance all fees, manage service timelines, rules of civil procedure; and ensure quality control on the affidavit and proof of service. Our company if fully insured with liability and E&O insurance.

What does that mean?

  • Stop calling courts! Our case management system allows you to check statuses, and download all pleadings and affidavits. Or just call us anytime 24/7.
  • Process servers use our mobile app, sending service data to you real-time. You’ll access comprehensive service details, GPS, photos, on all your files.
  • Urgent or problem files are auto-escalated by our software.
  • Our comprehensive skip trace software allows the most up-to-date ability to locate any defendant or witness.
  • Get email notification when your case has been filed, service is complete, or the service address is no longer valid. Do everything online, or not. You decide. It’s all there.

Please contact us at (843) 856-1987 or admin@legalprofessionals.net to get started.